Contact Page

Just like About us page you also need to go to admin dashboard and select the template suffix . Then back to theme customization and go to theme setting tab like before. It has a built in google map setup. You just need to provide the google map API key for enable google map. you can find the tab in theme setting called Google map , click on it and provide the API key and save it.

Contact form is already setup, you don’t need to do anything for contact form.
But you can show your location, phone number and email address beside the contact from. Click on Contact Page tab and you can see the boxes for your addresses. Give the addresses. you can show more than one phone number and email address, if you need a line break just add <br> tag between tow or more phone number or email addresses.
as a example: “019 xxx xxx
017 xxx xxx” It will display the text or number in different line.

The last one is also about google map. You only provided your map Api key, but not your location address. to point on google map you need to provide your location Latitude and Longitude. Copy the map latitude and longitude and paste in the boxes. that’s it. you are all set.