Blog / News

This is the page for news. you can publish a news or a blog post from here. It is very easy to setup. just follow the simple instruction.
First off all you need to go to Admin Dashboard Panel, then you will see a Blog post in the right side of dashboard. click on this and it will bring a new page where you can create a blog post. you will see a button called Add blog post (top right corner), click this button. Now you are able to give the blog title, description and a custom excerpt if you want. then look at the right sidebar, make sure your post visibility is visible if you to publish this post now, otherwise you can hide the post. and then you will find an image upload box where you can choose an image for your blog post. then select the author and blog category, and the last one is the tags. Yes, you can add post tags which are related to the post.
You are all set. just save this post and it will be automatically published on your site.