Testimonial Slider

We have used Slick carousel slider in testimonial section. The basic structure of owl carousel is given below

1. HTML markup setup

<div class="text-center mb-4 ">
  <i class="ti-quote-left text-lg text-color"></i>
  <h3 class="mt-4 text-white letter-spacing">title</h3>
  <p class="my-4 text-white-50">content</p>
    <h4 class="mb-0 text-capitalize text-white font-weight-normal">John Donas</h4>
    <span class="text-white-50">Manager</span>

*Change contents form testimonial-block.

  1. jQuery initialization
  slidesToShow: 1,
  infinite: true,
  arrows: false,
  autoplay: true,
  autoplaySpeed: 5000,
  dots: true
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